Halle Berry's John Wick 3 Character Officially Revealed

She has two dogs, but it is still unknown if she will be friend or foe

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Halle Berry's <i>John Wick 3</i> Character Officially Revealed

Halle Berry’s involvement in John Wick 3 was announced on May 21 with nothing more than a simple piece of Continental hotel stationary to go on. Now, thanks to the official John Wick Twitter account, we know her character’s name and are able to see how immensely badass she looks.

Berry’s character is named Sofia and she is characterized as “a woman on a mission.” She definitely looks like a brilliant fit into the ever-growing John Wick-iverse, and it is still unknown if she will be friend or foe to Keanu Reeves’ John Wick. Hopefully, they are friends rather than foes, because seeing Reeves and Berry team up to headshot their way through an assassin-filled New York City sounds like a cinematic dream come to life.

Most importantly, her character seems to have two dogs. Yes, that is more than one dog and the Law of Increasing Dog Returns states that the more dogs in a movie, the better. John Wick 3 is set to release on May 17, 2019 via Lionsgate Pictures. See Sofia below.