John Wick Goes Nerf

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Keanu has once again saved us all. John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2 have re-revolutionized the action genre, breathing new life into what was a cold, dead carcass for several years, allowing us to truly enjoy treasures that are the just the right amount of dumb and the right amount of fun … much like John Wick.

“Nerf John Wick,” from the YouTube channel Corridor, takes the premise of John Wick and ups the ante by making it totally safe with those little Nerf darts, instead of bullets. Those darts can still hurt like a bitch, though—have you ever been hit in the eye with one of those things? That’s when the fun turns not fun very quickly. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen here, or if it does, they were able to man up and power through. Good for them. Either way, the cascading, bouncing Nerf darts are hilarious to watch.

Check out “Nerf John Wick” above, and find more fun videos from Corridor here. Find Paste’s thoughts on the first and second John Wick flicks here and here, respectively.