The Avengers Watch the Justice League Trailer, React Accordingly in Fan-Made Video

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Thank heavens, the Justice League trailer hit the internet like a bag of bricks over the weekend. After loads and loads of hype, the final trailer was revealed on Saturday to a slew of internet praise and derision, but for many, it seemed like a solid response to the overwhelming success of Marvel. Well, because the internet is a home for geniuses, one of those geniuses put together a Marvel reaction to the Justice League trailer, and it is brilliant.

By combining footage from Age of Ultron (and a little bit of Ant-Man peppered in for good measure) with the footage from the new Justice League trailer, YouTube user DrMachakil posits a situation in which the Avengers would react fearfully to the threat of another superhuman-esque team out there to save the world. And it really is edited together beautifully, providing a great sense of conflict between the two studios while pairing off similar characters and the Marvel reaction (i.e. Cyborg and Iron Man, or Batman and Iron Man, or even Aquaman and Thor) and digging up a little subtext from this manufactured face-off. There’s even a poignantly blink-and-you-miss-it moment where Scarlet Witch reacts to seeing The Flash. Because, y’know, her brother, Quicksilver, was fast, too? Yeah, we picked up on that.

Justice League will hit theaters on Nov. 17. Check out the fantastic fan-made video above, and for more internet ingenuity, go here.