Kickstarter Pick of the Moment: I'll See You in My Dreams

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From time to time, your friends at Paste scour Kickstarter to find projects worthy of your support and love. Support independent art today by becoming a backer, and spread the word, why dontcha?

Today’s favorite comes from a longtime friend of Paste, producer Laura Smith. Smith has blazed a trail as one of the most creative independent film producers in the business and has enjoyed many successes, notably Paste favorite That Evening Sun.

Her newest project is called I’ll See You in My Dreams, and it looks like another winner. It stars Blythe Danner and Martin Starr, for starters. It’s directed and co-written by Brett Haley, whose 2010 feature The New Year made plenty of waves in critical circles. And the filmmakers’ synopsis sounds pretty irresistible:

“I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS tells the story of Carol (Blythe Danner), a widow in her 70s, who is struggling to find purpose and make sense of her increasingly isolated life in the “twilight” years. After the death of her dog rattles her routine, she decides to start dating again, and falls into relationships with two very different men — the senior, exuberant Bill, who embraces life in the moment, and her younger pool cleaner, Lloyd (Martin Starr), who is struggling to find his purpose, much like Carol. Through these new relationships, Carol confronts her fears about love, family, aging, and death and is forced to adopt a new outlook as she comes to terms with this new phase of her life.

I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS is a deceptively small story, but it asks big questions. The setting, characters, and honest, human approach make this a surprising and unique film. This is not an ‘old person’ movie. It’s a movie about people who happen to be ‘old.’”

Rewards? Oh yes, there are rewards. For only a $5 pledge, the producers will write you an actual, old-fashioned, hand-written thank-you note. For only $1000, you can attend the wrap party of the film (have you ever attended a wrap party? Trust me, you want to attend a wrap party). And for a mere $10,000, you can be the envy of all your friends as an Executive Producer of the film.

Accomplished filmmakers, name actors, an intriguing concept, and great rewards. I’ll See You in My Dreams has Paste sold. Support the project here in the next twenty-four hours.