Watch the Final Logan Trailer, Prepare for the End

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Several years ago, when Hugh Jackman swore that his Wolverine days were coming to an end, none of us wanted to believe him. Marked as one of the most iconic performances in the 21st century, Jackman has absolutely dominated the role since the first X-Men, 17 years ago. The films have always been spotty, but his performance has consistently been the most human aspect of the X-Men series. Well now, it seems that Wolverine is not only getting a film that he deserves, but a film that deserves him as well. And we may not be ready for it.

In the latest, and supposedly last, trailer for Logan, we get a little more narrative than we have in the past. Basically, Logan is taking care of an ailing Professor Xavier when they encounter a mysterious young girl pursued by some tough-looking dudes. Midway through, it’s revealed that she’s more similar to Logan that one might’ve thought, proving that director James Mangold and Jackman will be earning that R-rating.

It’s also worth noting that this is Patrick Stewart’s last film as Professor Xavier, a role which he seems to have been born into. He’s also brought an incredible levity and humanity to his character, rounding off the edges of Singer’s serious films and Jackman’s gruff performance with an air of kindness and warmth. It’s only fitting that Jackman and Stewart get to end their stories together, even if it hurts us a little more.

So here’s hoping that Jackman will be able to bow out on a high note, because he certainly deserves it at this point. Logan comes raging into theaters on March 3. Watch the final trailer above.