A Black-and-White Version of Mad Max: Fury Road is Coming to Blu-Ray

Movies News Mad Max: Fury Road
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Mad Max: Fury Road has an almost surprising level of beauty to it. It’s a film full of color, from the oranges and browns of the desert to the deep blues of the peaceful night scenes. Now, though, audiences will have the chance to see the film in black-and-white, which is what visionary director George Miller wanted all along.

Warner Bros. announced today that the “Black & Chrome Edition” of Fury Road will come to home video on Dec. 6. The Blu-Ray will come with both the original version of the film and the black-and-white cut. This new version will also feature an introduction by Miller, who discussed his desire for a black-and-white version in a conversation with director Edgar Wright.

“The default position for everyone is to de-saturate post-apocalyptic movies,” Miller said. “There’s only two ways to go, make them black and white—the best version of the movie is black and white, but people reserve that for art movies now.”

If that’s not enough chrome to quench you, Warner Bros. is also releasing the “Mad Max High Octane Collection,” which will contain all four Mad Max films, including the Black & Chrome edition of Fury Road. The High Octane collection will have extras like the Miller introduction, a featurette on the making of The Road Warrior, including Mel Gibson, the original Max, and the documentary Madness of Max about the making of the first film.

The High Octane Collection will be $80, while the Black & Chrome Blu-Ray will be a more modest $30. Note that both will be released just a few weeks before Christmas, which should make for a chrome-filled holiday season, and a lovely new year.