Here's What Mad Max: Fury Road Looks Like Without CGI

Movies Video Mad Max: Fury Road
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These days, CGI is in abundance. Very few movies are made without the help of at least some computer imagery, and Mad Max: Fury Road is certainly no exception. For a movie of its size, though, Fury Road was astonishingly reliant on practical effects. The stunts were real, for the most part, and that’s what gave the film so much of its incredible visual style.

Still, CGI certainly doesn’t hurt, and it’s amazing to see what it added to the film. The video above gives viewers a peek behind the curtain, and reveals some of the amazing stunts the team behind Fury Road pulled off, and the ways in which they were enhanced by CGI.

As it turns out, those poles that the War Boys used to vault between cars were completely real, as was pretty much everything else. The marvelous thing about this video is that, while the CGI is removed for most of it, it still looks like pretty much the same movie.

Director George Miller knew what he was doing with Fury Road. He made a movie that wasn’t reliant on CGI, but was enhanced by it. It only reinforces the incredible amount of precision that went into making this film, and how jaw-dropping the stunts were throughout. Check out the full video above, and be amazed by how much of that movie actually happened in real life.