Manchester by the Sea Trailer Promises Raw Emotions

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Manchester by the Sea has released its first trailer, and it packs a major punch. Following a smash premiere at Sundance in January, Manchester by the Sea’s first trailer proves that it has the potential to be one of the fall’s biggest tearjerkers.

The tears flow at least in part because of the incredible cast that writer-director Kenneth Lonergan has assembled for the Amazon Studios film, including Casey Affleck, Kyle Chandler and Michelle Williams. This first trailer reveals that Affleck’s Lee is forced to take care of his nephew after the death of his older brother, Joe (Chandler).

Affleck’s character has to return to his sleepy New England hometown, one he has since left for Boston. While there, he also reunites with his wife (Williams), from whom he is separated. Naturally, a great deal of heartache ensues. Manchester by the Sea is a small, intimate story that deals in deeply human drama. It was also one of the best-reviewed films to come out of Sundance last year.

This trailer may put the film at the front of the awards conversation, along with Lonergan and Affleck, who would be up for his first nomination. That’s really a discussion for another day, though. After all, Manchester by the Sea won’t hit theaters until Nov. 18. Today, enjoy the simple pleasure of the salty ocean air, and bask in the glory of two and a half minutes of deeply refined emotion.