Martin Scorsese Joins Paul Schrader’s Forthcoming Revenge Thriller The Card Counter

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Martin Scorsese Joins Paul Schrader&#8217;s Forthcoming Revenge Thriller <i>The Card Counter</i>

First Reformed directer Paul Schrader is teaming up with cinematic icon Martin Scorsese once again for his forthcoming feature film The Card Counter. Scorsese will be executive producing, while Schrader penned the screenplay and will direct the film. Previously, Schrader and Scorsese worked together on Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Bringing Out The Dead and The Last Temptation of Christ.

According to Deadline, The Card Counter centers around a card player named Tell (Oscar Isaac) who is approached by a man named Cirk (Tye Sheridan) with a plan to exact revenge on a military colonel (William Dafoe). Tiffany Haddish also stars as La Linda, a mysterious gambling financier who eventually joins Tell and Cirk on their mission. The trio go from casino to casino, ultimately deciding to enter a World Series of Poker tournament.

There’s no word yet as to when The Card Counter will hit theaters, but Scorsese is also hard at work on his next film, the Western Killers of the Flower Moon, based on the nonfiction book by David Grann and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.