Max Landis Dropped by Manager Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

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Max Landis Dropped by Manager Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

The consequences of Max Landis’s alleged sexual misconduct are slowly starting to trickle in.

The disgraced screenwriter has been dropped by his personal management team a day after allegations of rape, assault, manipulation and gaslighting were levied against him.

“Writ Large does not represent Max Landis,” Britton Rizzio, Landis’s former manager, told Deadline. “As soon as we heard about the Daily Beast article, we parted company.”

Tuesday, Paste reported on the exhaustive accusations of sexual abuse and physiological manipulation from eight women chronicled in an exposé by The Daily Beast. According to the women who came forward, Landis, son of cult director John Landis, had a history of using his fame and familial connections to lure in partners and mistreat them once they were in a relationship.

Multiple women alleged Landis would openly critique their appearances in front of others, choke them in public and violently coerce them into sexual favors. One woman alleged he threatened to kill her.

Prior to the report, Landis’ lewd behavior and sexual misconduct was known as an “open secret” in Hollywood, with the initial accusations against him beginning to circulate at the time of the release of his Netflix bomb Bright.

Looks like his high-profile feminist action film won’t see the light of day. Thank goodness.