Watch Michael Fassbender Fight For His Family in First Trespass Against Us Trailer

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A24 has released the first trailer for Trespass Against Us, a crime thriller set to be released in early 2017. The film focuses on a criminal family that lives in a chaotic corner of Britain’s richest countryside. Although it’s a film about criminals, like so many other memorable crime dramas, the story is really one of families.

Starring Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson and Lyndsey Marshall, Trespass Against Us sees Fassbender’s character torn as he’s forced to decide whether to live up to his father’s criminal legacy or take care of his own children. In order to ensure that Fassbender remains with the family, Gleeson’s character orchestrates an elaborate heist that leaves Fassbender scrambling.

Featuring a score from The Chemical Brothers, Trespass Against Us was written by Alastair Siddons and directed by Adam Smith. The film will be available on DIRECTV on Nov. 24, and is expected to hit theaters in early 2017. Until then, check out the car chase-filled trailer above, and breathe in all of the glorious accents.