Celebrate the Late Mister Rogers With the First Trailer for Won't You Be My Neighbor?

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Celebrate the Late Mister Rogers With the First Trailer for <i>Won't You Be My Neighbor?</i>

From Focus Features and the Academy Award-winning director of 20 Feet From Stardom, Morgan Neville, comes the untold story of the late, great Mr. Fred Rogers. The documentary’s first trailer arrives today, on what would’ve been Rogers’ 90th birthday.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? takes the audience beyond the simple sets of the land of make-believe and the iconic zip-up cardigans worn by the man who preached empathy, and instead dives into the heart of the creative genius who taught us all to love, to exude kindness, to follow our hearts, to let our imaginations run wild, and to inspire others through grace and compassion.

Sony Pictures is currently working to develop a biopic about Mr. Rogers called You Are My Friend, with two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks playing the beloved television personality. Production is set to start this September.

As Mr. Rogers once said, “The greatest thing that we can do is to help somebody know that they’re loved and capable of loving.” Maybe we should all try to follow his leadership. Learn how in select theaters on June 8 and see how a little kindness makes a world of difference via the trailer below. Be sure to enjoy a first-look clip from the forthcoming documentary, as well.