Watch Natalie Portman Exude Joie de Vivre In Terrence Malick Knight of Cups Preview

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If nothing else, Terrence Malick’s work is always food for thought. His latest film, Knight of Cups, seems to be no exception. Today, Indiewire premiered a “character video” from the movie, just a 10-second clip of Natalie Portman’s character Elizabeth staring into the distance and running along a beach. “You have love in you, I know it,” she whispers in voiceover as classical music plays in the background. It’s at once furtive and terribly mesmerizing.

Knight of Cups stars Christian Bale as a screenwriter living in Los Angeles, looking for fulfillment, and coming across a number of different women (including Portman’s Elizabeth) along his journey. The film debuted at last year’s Berlin International Film Festival to mixed reviews, but if the delayed acclaim for Tree of Life is any indication, some sort of reevaluation will likely come to pass when the movie gets a wide release on Mar. 4.