Most Popular on Netflix: A Look at Today's Top 10

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Most Popular on Netflix: A Look at Today's Top 10

Netflix has been notoriously stingy with its data. Even directors and showrunners have had a hard time gauging if what they’d put out into the world was reaching its intended audience. With the recent advent of the Netflix Top 10, though, we can now get at least one little peek behind the curtain. The list of Netflix’s daily Top 10 Most Popular indicates an omnivorous appetite among the Netflix faithful, from low-budget thrillers to blockbusters, animated kids movies to docu-series of every stripe. Here are the entries for August 14 (only some of which we can recommend) of the most popular TV shows and movies on Netflix.

The 2020 straight-to-video romance film The Lost Husband retains its the top spot today, and the Netflix docu-series (Un)well enters the top 10.

1. The Lost Husband

lost-husband.jpg Year: 2020

Director: Vicky Wight
Stars: Leslie Bibb, Josh Duhamel, Nora Dunn, Carly Pope
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 58%
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 109 minutes

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Leslie Bibb stars as Libby, a woman starting over after the death of her husband. She moves to a goat farm in the country with her children and falls for the ranch’s manager James (Josh Duhamel). Based on Katherine Center’s book by the same name, the film was originally released straight to video-on-demand in April before getting picked up by Netflix.

2. The Umbrella Academy

umbrella-academy.jpg Year: 2019

Created by: Steve Blackman, Jeremy Slater
Stars: Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher, Mary J. Blige, Cameron Britton
Genre: Superhero
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 82%

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The first season of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy was a superhero series for those who don’t really like superhero shows, an exploration of family, failure and the pain associated with being asked to live up to a destiny you never asked for. For the seven Hargreeves children who comprise the titular team, their powers have generally been more of a curse than a blessing, and their resulting mental problems, various substance addictions, and general loneliness are proof positive of that. But this is a show whose whole is much more than the sum of its parts, and that is what makes all the difference. Though the siblings seem to spend all their time running from the end of the world, the show never treats their efforts as futile. It never gives up on them, even when it occasionally appears as if they have given up on each other. And that’s oddly more comforting than ever before now, as the show returns for Season 2 amidst a real world that feels as messy and dangerous as any paradox that Number Five’s (Aidan Gallagher) time travel could accidentally create. As usual, The Umbrella Academy soars when it’s about the relationships between our multiple leads, and Season 2 is particularly good about giving us new pairings between and among the main group. Yes, the show has multiple apocalypses, but it also never despairs. We literally see the world burning, but things never feel truly bleak. And though this is in the strictest sense a comic book adaptation, at its heart it’s really just a story about family, forgiveness, and hope. —Lacy Baugher

3. Mr. Peabody & Sherman

peabody.jpg Year: 2014
Director: Rob Minkoff
Stars: Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Stephen Colbert, Leslie Mann, Ariel Winter, Patrick Warburton
Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure, Comedy
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 81%
Rating: PG
Runtime: 92 minutes

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Mr. Peabody & Sherman is a reminder that Hollywood’s obsession with reboots/revivals/re-imaginings can be done right. The characters originated on the beloved ’60s cartoon series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, and the track record for bringing segments from that show to the big screen is pretty dreadful. Peabody director Rob Minkoff (The Lion King, Stuart Little) makes the wise choice of keeping the new film strictly animated, no live action needed. That decision both respects the original material and frees up the possibilities for a story that begins with a wacky premise—a dog, Mr. Peabody, who happens to be a certified genius adopts a human boy, Sherman, as his son—and gets crazier from there as the duo travel through time in Mr. Peabody’s WABAC machine (that’s pronounced “way-back”). He’s a sort of doggie Doctor Who, although his travels are confined to Earth. The original Peabody shorts are known for their smart, pun-driven humor and amusing riffs on history and culture, all of which is retained here. —Geoff Berkshire

4. World’s Most Wanted

worlds-most-wanted.jpg Year: 2020
Genre: Documentary Series

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They’ve eluded Interpol, the CIA and their own nation’s police forces. This five-episode docuseries profiles five notorious suspected criminals from Mexico, Rwanda, the UK, Hungary and Italy who are still at large, turning the true crime genre up to 11.

5. The Seven Deadly Sins

7-deadly.jpg Year: 2014-2020
Stars: Yûki Kaji, Charles Flaherty, Sora Amamiya
Genre: Anime

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“Imperial Wrath of the Gods” is the fourth season of Japanese anime The Seven Deadly Sins, based on Nakaba Suzuki’s 2012 manga series following a group of ousted knights of Britannia who battle demons and fight for Princess Liones.

6. Shameless

shameless.jpg Years: 2011-present
Creator: Paul Abbot
Stars: William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Ethan Cutkosky, Shanola Hampton and Cameron Monagan
Genre: Drama
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 40% (Season 10)

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Meet the Gallaghers: six rambunctious kids and their single father living in poverty on Chicago’s South Side. But this isn’t your average heartwarming story of a down-on-their-luck family. When freeloading dad Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) isn’t bemoaning the state welfare system, he’s actively swindling it—the profits of which keep him in booze. Head-of-household duties fall to oldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum), who juggles minimum wage jobs to pay bills while also having to curb her siblings’ truancy, drinking and drug addictions. That is, when she’s not participating herself. In this acclaimed American adaptation of a British series, creator Paul Abbott brings to life a working-class family never before seen on television. Shameless has become one of the sharpest and most progressive shows on TV, facing issues of class, race, gender and sexual identity on the difficult side of the income gap. The Gallaghers are dysfunctional, disenfranchised and combative—but they’re together. James Charisma

7. (Un)well

unwell.jpg Year: 2020
Creators: Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, Anneka Jones, Erica Sashin
Genre: Health Documentary
Rating: TV-MA

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Netflix’s new docuseries takes a critical look at the growing wellness industry and several forms of alternative medicine that are gaining popularity in American and around the world. From the stings of bees and essential oils to breast milk for bodybuilders and fasting to ayahuasca and tantric sex, the six-part series presents both the critical experts and the true believers.

8. Work It

work-it.jpg Year: 2020
Director: Laura Terruso
Stars: Sabrina Carpenter, Keiynan Lonsdale, Michelle Buteau, Jordan Fisher, Liza Koshy
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 81%
Rating: TV-14
Runtime: 93 minutes

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Netflix latest teen dramedy revolves around a clumsy high-schooler who turns to dance as a long-shot way to get into her dream college, Duke University. Starring Bart Simpson’s niece, actress/singer Sabrina Carpenter (Nancy Cartwright is her aunt), the film continues Netflix push to crank out the kinds of hits that used to be the exclusive domain of the Disney Channel.

9. Selling Sunset

selling-sunset.jpg Year: 2019-2020
Creator: Adam DiVello
Stars: Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn, Maya Vander, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Young, Davina Potratz, Romain Bonnet, Amanza Smith, Jason Oppenheim, Brett Oppenheim
Genre: Reality TV

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The real-estate agents to the rich and famous are back for a third season of drama, including a wedding, a cameo from Queer Eye’s Karamo and lots of high-priced listings.

10. Dennis the Menace

dennis-the-menace.jpg Year: 1993
Director: Nick Castle Jr.
Stars: Walter Matthau, Mason Gamble, Joan Plowright
Genre: Comedy
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 27%
Rating: PG
Runtime: 94 minutes

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We’ve reached the point in the pandemic where 1993 film Dennis the Menace is trending on Netflix. With a script co-written by John Hughes, the film grossed $117 million in theaters despite bombing with critics.

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