New Spectre Trailer Promises Plenty of Action and Intrigue

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Bond is back … again. Now he’s fighting an evil organization … again. And this time, it’s personal … again. Are we getting tired of this? Absolutely not! Daniel Craig reprises his role as 007 for the fourth time in what looks to be his most exciting mission yet as we see the new Bond girl, villain and car for this installment.

This time around, Bond goes on a rogue mission after receiving a cryptic message from his past. He infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers an organization known as SPECTRE, led by a villain portrayed by Christoph Waltz. (If ever there was an actor born to play a Bond villain, it’s most definitely him.)

SPECTRE is the criminal organization Sean Connery’s Bond fought against in most of his films, leading up to him meeting his arch-nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Whether or not Blofeld will make an appearance in this film or perhaps in a future installment is unknown, but it certainly would be exciting if that were the case. This film seems to suggest that this and all of the previous Craig films are connected by this organization, with Walz’s villain exclaiming he’s the author of all of Bond’s pain.

Besides the usual people we’d expect to see again in a Bond film (M, Q and Moneypenny), Mr. White is back. For those who may not remember, Mr. White was the guy Bond shot in the leg at the end of Casino Royale and took him on a hectic drive in the opening scene of Quantum of Solace. Mr. White was working for the Quantum organization from the first two Craig films, so it certainly brings questions as to what connections he has with SPECTRE that Bond would seek him out.

Spectre will be released in the U.S. on Nov. 6.