Netflix Releases Trailer for Nobody Speak, New Documentary About "Fake News"

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There’s no denying we live in a period where the very concept of a free press is under attack. When foreign countries and extremist websites flood the internet with news stories that couldn’t possibly be true—and exist purely to rile people up—it can be tricky to separate what’s false, what’s real and what the role of the press even is. Our president condemns the media every day, claiming that any unfavorable news must be “fake news.”

When Gawker lost its sex tape lawsuit to Hulk Hogan and shut down a few years ago, it was revealed that billionaire Peter Thiel was secretly funding Hogan to get revenge on the website that had outed Thiel some nine years prior. While few would advocate for a company that publishes sex tapes on the internet under the guise of “free speech,” it still brings up a lot of interesting questions about what is and what isn’t protected.

These are all areas that Netflix’s new documentary, Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press, hopes to cover. It promises to be a fascinating investigation into the methods billionaires employ to control our country’s press.

Nobody Speak premiered at Sundance in January. Watch the clip above ahead of the Brian Knappenberger-directed doc’s June 23 release.