An Obi-Wan Stand-Alone Film Is in Development

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An Obi-Wan Stand-Alone Film Is in Development

So Rogue One did pretty well, and it looks like they’ll be able to salvage the dumpster fire of Han Solo’s production process, so the Jedi Council behind future Star Wars films has decided to continue along their plan to release a new film every year until the sun explodes. Although there have been persistent hints at a Boba Fett film in the works, according to THR we’ll likely be receiving a film starring Obi-Wan Kenobi himself.

Stephen Daldry, the Oscar-nominated director behind Billy Elliot and The Hours, is evidently in talks to take over the project, which as yet has no script or many details at all. It’s not even known if Ewan McGregor will return. It seems likely that if McGregor returns, we’ll have a film that focuses on the actual Clone Wars, or the consolidation of Imperial power that occurred somewhere between Episode III and Rogue One. Otherwise … it could be about his tumultuous childhood or something? That’d be fun, right?

Hopefully, we’ll have more information soon.