Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray Are Reunited in The First Trailer for A24's On the Rocks

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Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray Are Reunited in The First Trailer for A24's <i>On the Rocks</i>

Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola are no stranger to tender, sadness-inflected comedy dramas, having made one of the most iconic films of the 2000’s together: Lost in Translation. Now, the pair is at it again, in the first trailer for A24’s upcoming On the Rocks, which pairs Murray with Rashida Jones as a father and daughter who fear the latter’s family may be falling apart.

As the premise reads: “Laura fears the worst when her husband Dean begins logging late hours at the office with a new co-worker. She turns to her father, Felix for insight and investigate the situation, discovering their own relationship.”

It’s a no-nonsense premise, but it looks more or less like an excuse to let the personalities of Murray and Jones bounce off each other. Murray looks especially loose here, in a more genuinely comedic mode than we’ve seen him in recent years, with less of the world-weary heaviness that has so often typified his 2000s-era work. Indeed, even with the plot of “we’re investigating whether your husband is having an affair,” the tone of this On the Rocks trailer seems perhaps oddly upbeat, as if the forging of a new relationship between father and daughter more than outweighs the potential heartbreak of a dissolving marriage. Who’s to say, we suppose? The cast also includes Marlon Wayana, Jessica Henwick and Jenny Slate, giving the film an impressive group of comedic chops.

On the Rocks is scheduled for an “October 2020” release from A24 and Apple TV+, although an actual, concrete date doesn’t yet seem to have been chosen. The film is meant to premiere in theaters in a limited run, but the majority of viewers will likely be consuming it via Apple’s streaming service. Check out the lively trailer below.