The 20 Best One-Star Amazon Reviews of Best Picture Winners

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The 20 Best One-Star Amazon <b>Reviews</b> of Best Picture Winners

Every year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences chooses one film to be recognized above the rest as Best Picture, the most prestigious award that one film can win. It holds a lot of weight. Much of the time, the recipient of Best Picture is widely regarded as deserving, the one film of the year that stood out from the rest as sensational, groundbreaking and important. Well, that’s the idea anyway. Honestly, it’s an overly long and dramatic ritual that sometimes ends in disaster.

Because it’s only Thursday, and we’re still reeling from what happened at the Oscars on Sunday night, we think it’s best to take an alternative look at Best Picture winners, currently and from years past. There can be a lot of disparity between critics and audiences as to what’s good and what isn’t. And really, when it comes to individual tastes, there are so many … individuals … out there. In the immortal words of a Grinched-up Jim Carrey, one’s man toxic sludge is another man’s potpourri, after all. But let’s be honest—some opinions can be bad. Some toxic sludge is, really, just that. Need proof? Look no further than Amazon reviews to find that a lot of people really hate good movies. Really, really hate them.

So in light of all these things, here are 20 of the very best one-star Amazon reviews for Best Picture winners. Ideally you’ll laugh, cry and become a better person. Otherwise, you can direct that energy into your very own gallery. Have fun and learn something about yourself.

Pete Mercer writes for Paste and is a self-professed movie snob who would love to argue with you about your bad opinions. Follow him to see him talk about himself, like literally, all the time.