Mandy Auteur Panos Cosmatos Announces A24 Film Nekrokosm

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<i>Mandy</i> Auteur Panos Cosmatos Announces A24 Film <i>Nekrokosm</i>

Panos Cosmatos, the Italian-Canadian filmmaker behind 2018’s Nic Cage psychedelic horror sleeper hit Mandy, has finally made an announcement about his newest feature film project. While Nekrokosm’s official logline is still being kept under wraps, A24 has described it as a “phantasmagorical fantasy nightmare” about two lovers torn apart in a faraway galaxy during an invasion.

The science fiction fantasy will be written by Maegan Houang (from a story she and Cosmatos dreamed up) and directed by Cosmatos. Houang has previous experience with sci-fi, having written on Counterpart, and has worked on projects like Shogun and the upcoming Jamojaya.

Cosmatos’ follow up to Mandy is highly anticipated due to his hallucinatory style of horror, combining dark themes of revenge and visceral lost love to highly addictive results. Cosmatos, Cage and lead actress Andrea Riseborough were all critically acclaimed for their work on the film. In the meantime, Cosmatos directed an episode of Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix series Cabinet of Curiosities, currently in post-production.

Although much of Nekrokosm remains a secret, I’m ready to buckle up for whatever trippy ride Cosmatos has in store for us.