The First Trailer for Passengers Promises to Unite Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in Space

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Chris Pratt is kind of a big deal. He’s got The Magnificent Seven coming later this month, and a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel coming next summer. One of the only stars capable of eclipsing Pratt’s current Hollywood status? Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-winning, blockbuster-friendly phenom. Now, though, there will be no need to choose which charming actor is your favorite, because they’re in the same movie!

As the first trailer for surefire box-office smash Passengers reveals, Pratt and Lawrence are about to get hot and heavy in space. They play two members of a 5,000-person passenger space shuttle that is en route to a far-off colony. The passengers are put in suspended animation for the trip. When Pratt and Lawrence’s characters wake up 90 years early, they fall in love, and things on the ship begin to go haywire.

The first trailer gives us a sense of the visual style of the film, one which is distinctly Kubrickian, but also mixes in the more populist sensibilities of James Cameron, a la Titanic. Michael Sheen also pops up in this trailer, playing an android bartender, alongside Laurence Fishburne, whose role is still a mystery.

The Passengers script has been floating around in Hollywood for almost a decade. While many of the twists and turns of the script are kept out of the trailer, Passengers looks to be functioning somewhere inside of the mold of recent space hits like Gravity and Interstellar.

Passengers hits theaters this Christmas. Until then, check out the thrilling first trailer above.