Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Fight for Survival in New Passengers Trailer

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If there was ever a movie designed to print money, it’s Passengers. Starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, the film follows the pair after they wake up 30 years into a 120-year space voyage and are forced to fight for their survival as the ship falls apart. In a new trailer for the film, we see just how perilous that fight may be.

Directed by Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game), Passengers also stars Michael Sheen as an android bartender, and Andy Garcia and Laurence Fishburne in more mysterious roles. The mystery is hinted at in the trailer: “There’s a reason we woke up early,” Pratt says.

The new trailer is a reminder that there are at least a few more blockbusters to come in 2016. Though it seems like a surefire box-office smash, Passengers is also a big gamble, costing more than $100 million with no pre-existing source material to guarantee ticket sales. Casting Pratt and Lawrence is certainly a stellar start, but it’s no guarantee. We won’t know whether Passengers is a success until it hits theaters on Dec. 21.

Check out the new “event trailer” above, and watch the film’s official trailer here.