Watch: Rings Trailer Brings Back The Ring Franchise

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Rings, a reimagining of 2002’s The Ring (which itself was an adaptation of the Japanese film Ring) seems to properly position itself for relevancy in 2016. Based on the trailer, the video from which the terrifying demon girl escapes can now be shared online, foregoing the bygone era of the VHS tape.

That new detail about the “cursed tape” certainly gives the film a lot of potential to explore the implications of what that could mean, but after watching the trailer, it doesn’t particularly seem like the filmmaker’s examined those possibilities very thoroughly, nor thoughtfully. Additionally, the trailer seems to reveal an almost impressive amount of the movie’s plot for its two-and-a-half-minute run, which you can see for yourself above.

The Ring was released eleven years ago, and although it didn’t hold up very well, it was undoubtedly a pioneer for the Japanese-horror-movie-remake franchise, serving as a good transition to a new era of horror films during a time dominated by slasher flicks. For some of us, it was the first truly terrifying horror movie we saw on the big screen.

Set to premier on Oct. 28, Rings, which stars Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, Aimee Teegarden, Bonnie Morgan and Vincent D’Onofrio, has great potential to do pretty well at the box office, but most likely lacks the staying power to be remembered as fondly as its predecessor. These perceived flaws simply come down to the fact that it appears to rely on the nostalgia factor without changing up the pace or storytelling devices too much.

All that being said, the trailer sets up Rings to at least be a nail-biter. It’s full of suspenseful, scary, lurch-in-your-stomach moments that will make your heart rate pick up a bit.