Watch Seth Rogen Orchestrate Sausage Party-Themed Prank on Grocery Store Shoppers

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In celebration of Seth Rogen’s new filthy, R-rated animated comedy Sausage Party hitting theaters tonight (Aug. 12), Rogen and some animatronic food took to a New York City grocery store to prank some shoppers and prove that the food we eat has feelings, too.

With remote-controlled facial expressions and voices provided by Rogen himself, the astonishingly realistic food—specifically a cantaloupe, two loaves of bread and a large sausage—came to life to surprise shoppers as they sampled the goods, blinking, speaking and even having expletive-ridden conversations with amused grocery store-goers. “Are you eating my friends and family?” the cantaloupe demands from a passerby. “You’re not my type, kid,” quips the man in response.

The conversations that can be heard in the video above perfectly capture the kind of humor that makes Sausage Party a fun, crass, adults-only romp—even the trailer is packed to the brim with more innuendo, f-bombs and phallic imagery than most films can fit within their entire duration. Rogen recently explained how the film narrowly avoided (by a hair’s width, one could say) the much-feared NC-17 rating—read all about it here.

Check out the hilarious prank above and join the Sausage Party in theaters everywhere.