Scarlett Johansson Becomes a Badass in New Lucy Trailer

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Luc Besson, the French director behind action epics like Léon: The Professional, The Fifth Element, and Taken, has teamed up with Scarlett Johansson for sci-fi superhero flick that finds ScarJo at her most ruthless. Lucy tells the tale of a semi-innocent party girl kidnapped by some bad dudes who surgically implant drugs in her stomach before forcing her to become their drug mule. But the bag breaks, something goes wrong, and suddenly our heroine is chemically transformed into a killing machine who can also use way more of her brain than the average human. Morgan Freeman co-stars as a brilliant scientist and the only man in the world who can begin to understand what’s happening to her body and brain. Lucy is scheduled to premiere on Aug. 8.

Check out the trailer below: