Watch Darth Vader's Epic Rogue One Scene Recreated Shot-for-Shot with Legos

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There’s a lot to like about Rogue One, but there’s one scene in particular that stands out in its sheer badassery: the climactic action sequence in which Darth Vader does Darth Vader things to a group of poor, nameless piles of Rebel lightsaber fodder. Impressively enough, a YouTuber appropriately named Lego Man has recreated that very sequence, frame-by-frame and in its entirety, all using Legos. (A tip of the helmet to THR, who first discovered this gem of a video.)

Watch the recreation above—or don’t, if you have yet to see the real deal—and enjoy Lego Man’s other Rogue One recreations here. You can also watch a 16-bit recreation of the scene below, courtesy of John Stratman (via YouTube User Mr. Sunday Movies).