Some Genius Fused the Ending of Rogue One to the Beginning of A New Hope

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With the forthcoming digital and physical release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, many of us will be witnessed going forth in droves to pick up our very own copies. There are many things that film did wonderfully, but most notably, it bridged the seemingly impossible gap between a prequel and the original film. Well, some genius went and seamlessly bridged that gap for real by fusing the ending of Rogue One to the beginning of A New Hope.

The video picks up with Darth Vader attempting to board Princess Leia’s ship to intercept the plans to the Death Star. And man, when he’s standing in the smoke at the back of the corridor? Goosebumps. And then when he turns on his lightsaber, illuminating himself in that wickedly sinister red glow? Even more goosies. It’s perfect and absolutely terrifying. The video then folds in the first few minutes of A New Hope, which really shows the efforts that Gareth Edwards and his team put into the design of Rogue One, matching it up with the original Star Wars film. It’s very cool, and edited together really well.

Rogue One releases digitally on March 24 and physically on April 4. Check out the video embedded above.

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