Luke Skywalker Enters the Millennium Falcon in New Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV Spot

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The new TV spot for Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi is only 45 seconds long, but there are plenty of details to extract from the footage. Opening with a moment of fan service, we see Luke Skywalker taken aback while reentering the familiar Millennium Falcon. But the spot is bookended with a curious cut that implies Rey is standing over Luke, holding her lightsaber in a battle stance.

The last full trailer for the new Star Wars film hinted at tension between Rey and Luke—it may not be the Luke/Yoda dynamic audiences were used to from The Empire Strikes Back. Additionally, we also see some new shots of Finn in action, appearing to have recovered from the dire injuries he sustained in The Force Awakens. Finally, we get a wider shot of the throne room of Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis). To the disappointment of many, the First Order leader, who appeared via massive hologram in the previous film, is not a tiny man.

The film releases on Dec. 15, and Star Wars fans are surely excited—likely less excited, though, are theater chains, with Disney imposing some strict requirements on screenings (per WSJ). Not only is Disney requiring theaters to screen The Last Jedi in their largest auditoriums, but the studio is asking for 65 percent of ticket sales revenue—failure to comply will result in another 5 percent sales charge.

As Lando Calrissian would say, “this deal is getting worse all the time.”

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