Attack the Block's Joe Cornish Helming Adaptation of Mark Millar's Starlight

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<i>Attack the Block</i>'s Joe Cornish Helming Adaptation of Mark Millar's <I>Starlight</I>

Joe Cornish, the director and writer behind 2011’s sci-fan favorite Attack the Block, will write and direct an adaptation of Starlight, a comic by Mark Millar, for 20th Century Studios. Millar will also co-write.

Illustrated by Goran Parlov, Starlight follows a Flash Gordon-like space hero who retires from saving the world and settles down back on Earth…where nobody believes his tales of misadventure. 35 years later, his old rocket turns up and he’s needed for one last (possibly universe-saving) adventure.

Cornish more recently directed The Kid Who Would Be King, a modernized and kid-centric version of the classic Arthurian legend.

Between his writing credits on Ant-Man and The Adventures of Tintin—and again, the beloved Attack the Block—Cornish has gained quite the reputation for breathing life into stories which showcase throwback heroism, otherworldly beings and the fantastic. His take on Starlight will likely evoke the exciting, sci-fi backed, action-oriented fun that he has championed throughout his career—and will continue Millar’s domination of pop culture as the Kingsman and Kick-Ass creator sees another film adaptation.