Starship Troopers Animated Sequel Gets a Trailer

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Fresh off the announcement that Starship Troopers would get an animated sequel titled Traitor of Mars, the studio decided to release a trailer for the one-off film event. And much to our surprise, it’s actually kind of awesome. The brief trailer—which spends 30 seconds of its minute and a half runtime showing logos of the various studios involved—looks like the most badass Starcraft cutscene ever. It’s got everything you could conceivably want from this sort of film: space marines, gigantic bugs, space battles, intense explosions, etc.

While there isn’t any true facial animation going on, the graphics for the film look surprisingly top-rate. There’s a clip where a spaceship cuts through the roiling, black smoke of an explosion and it’s very realistic looking. Even the opening shot of Mars’ desert could easily be mistaken for a non-rendered shot of Mars, if somebody had managed to sneak a high-quality camera up there on a rover or something. Given that most large-scale action movies these days rely heavily on CGI anyway, Traitor’s visuals don’t look to be very distracting. It’s a surprisingly well-made, high-quality trailer that hints at a movie worth checking out.

The film will only be in theaters for a single night on Aug. 21, so if you want to see it, start planning now.

Be sure to watch the trailer above and read more about the forthcoming film here.