Steven Spielberg Writing and Directing New Film for the First Time since A.I.

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Steven Spielberg Writing and Directing New Film for the First Time since <i>A.I.</i>

Living legend Steven Spielberg is going back to the well of his childhood for his next movie, which will follow his take on West Side Story (set to release later this year). Only, this time around, it’ll be a little more literal than much of the filmmaker’s work—which often takes inspiration from the entertainment and culture in America around the time he was growing up. Spielberg looks to direct a semi-autobiographical film inspired by his childhood in Arizona, with Michelle Williams in talks to star in the mother role.

The personal connection is such that Spielberg, who hasn’t had a hand in any of the scripts he’s directed since A.I back in 2001, will be co-writing the screenplay with Tony Kushner (Spielberg’s writer on Munich, Lincoln and West Side Story). The untitled film still has some major roles missing—which includes a young actor to play little pseudo-Spielberg—but if Williams truly is going to take the maternal character on for Spielberg, it’ll certainly be one with enough depth to warrant close attention.

Spielberg’s childhood, his parents and their relationship helped inform many of the emotional underpinnings of the filmmaker’s classic movies, so seeing him delve into his own history more literally has some exciting potential.

The film will start shooting this summer, looking to a 2022 release.