Watch This Video Collection of Movie Scenes That Inspired Stranger Things Season 2

Movies Video Stranger Things
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Stranger Things is not the kind of show one accuses of trying to hide its inspirations. It revels in its Spielbergian, Amblin-era (such as E.T.) overtones, and the comparisons fly thick and furious. But you surely won’t have caught every single visual film reference, and it’s oddly pleasurable to see them all gathered together. That’s exactly what IMDB has done above, creating a montage of all the scenes in Stranger Things season 2 that seem directly inspired by classic ‘80s movies. They range from the obvious, such as the lights in the sky in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, to deft nods to films such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. And it’s pretty hard to miss Gaten Matarazzo’s signature curly fro being transformed into Duckie’s hair from Pretty in Pink.

Check out the full slew of visual references above.