Sylvester Stallone Forced Michael B. Jordan to Take a Knockout Punch as Creed Initiation

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The good part about starring in Creed, the blockbuster boxing film and the latest in the Rocky series? Millions of dollars, fame, and a instant legacy. The bad part? Being forced to take a knockout punch from a real-life pro boxer because Sylvester Stallone has something called a “dead man walking” initiation. And you’re not a true soldier until you take the hit.

To be fair, Stallone endured the ritual several times himself, the worst of which came when a chest punch from Dolph Lundgren put him in the hospital for four days. So when Michael B. Jordan took over as the star pugilist, it was only a matter of time before Stallone “encouraged” British boxer Tony Bellew, who played Pretty Ricky Conlan, to land a pro-quality right to Jordan’s face.

Watch the video above to hear Stallone tell the story to Jimmy Fallon on last night’s Tonight Show, and to see the actual footage of Bellew delivering the punch. Believe it or not, that particular take made the movie—apparently the best way to stage a realistic bout is to actually beat up your star.