Anthony Mackie, Jamie Dornan to Star in Sci-Fi Thriller from The Endless Directors

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Anthony Mackie, Jamie Dornan to Star in Sci-Fi Thriller from <i>The Endless</i> Directors

Anthony Mackie, the Falcon of MCU and Captain America fame, will join Fifty Shades’ Jamie Dornan in Synchronic, an upcoming sci-fi thriller from directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the creators of 2017’s The Endless. It’s a big step up for the directorial duo, whose previous efforts have been of the decidedly indie, but certainly mind-bending variety.

According to Deadline, “the pair will play two New Orleans paramedics, whose lives are ripped apart after encountering a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug with bizarre, otherworldly effects.”

That certainly feels like it has some spiritual ties to The Endless, which was about a pair of brothers who return to a cult they escaped years earlier to “visit,” but end up being sucked right back into its mysterious ways. Although it initially looks like a fairly familiar thriller, The Endless stood out for the strange metaphysical twists it embarks in during its second half, which includes very direct callbacks to Benson and Moorhead’s previous feature, Resolution. Syncronic represents the fourth collaboration between the pair, but definitely the one with the most recognizable stars.

“Being huge fans of the nuanced, brilliant work of Anthony and Jamie, this is a filmmaker’s wildest dream come true,” said Benson and Moorhead in a statement. “They each possess an extraordinary depth of personal experiences, humor and pathos that brings a massive wellspring of humanity to the battle-scarred partnership being portrayed. We’ve found the perfect collaborators to tell a bold, frightening, heartstring-tugging story.”

We have no word yet on when Synchronic would film or arrive, but we’ll keep you posted. With this duo behind the helm, you can be sure that the results will be more than meets the eye.