Intense Trailer for The Promise Reveals the Horrors of the Armenian Genocide

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Oscar Isaac tends to star in good movies. So does Christian Bale. When you put them together, it starts to feel like an embarrassment of riches. Such is the case with The Promise, which stars both men doing some accent work. Isaac plays an Armenian in the film, while the British Bale plays an American journalist.

The film is based on true events, and seeks to give audiences a sweeping view of the Armenian genocide that took place at the end of WWI under the Ottoman Empire. Isaac plays an Armenian medical student, and he and Bale clash because they have fallen in love with the same French woman, played by Charlotte Le Bon. The love triangle unfolds as the trio bear witness to the shocking crimes committed against Armenians by the Turks.

From Hotel Rwanda director Terry George, who hasn’t made a film in five years, The Promise is one of the most anticipated titles of the Toronto International Film Festival. George takes the topic of sacrifices during war seriously, a subject he handled on Rwanda and is attempting to tackle again with this film.

The Promise doesn’t have a set release date yet, so until then, audiences will just have to watch the trailer above. It should offer enough grandiose visuals to tide you over.