Get that Good Father a Godfather for Father's Day

(Granted, Michael Corleone's not exactly a role model of parenting.)

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Get that Good Father a <i>Godfather</i> for Father's Day

For the budget-conscious film-loving dad out there, opportunities to receive cool stuff guilt-free (“Should we have paid the electric bill instead?”) are rare. But Father’s Day is an opportunity to add actual physical copies of all-time classics to dad’s collection without worrying too much about how expensive braces are these days.

Godfather-Corleone-253x300.jpgTo that end, Paramount’s got you covered with the recent release of The Godfather Trilogy: The Corleone Legacy Edition. The 4-disc Blu-ray set contains all three movies (classic, classic, ehhhh…), a host of previously available special features (audio commentary, a “making of” doc, deleted scenes, etc.) and a few new knick-knacks such as the Corleone family tree (pretty pruned by the end, all things considered) and theatrical art cards.

It’s better than looking a gift horse head in the mouth, as I always have never said.