Watch Tracee Ellis Ross Play a Diva Alongside Dakota Johnson in The High Note Trailer

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Watch Tracee Ellis Ross Play a Diva Alongside Dakota Johnson in <i>The High Note</i> Trailer

Seemingly obsessed with the idea of public figures and the assistants who surround them, Nisha Ganatra’s (Late Night) film The High Note will be released in theaters on May 8. The movie stars Tracee Ellis Ross as Grace Davis, a famed recording artist in her late career, a high-maintenance diva who is instantly reminiscent of Mariah Carey and, well, Ross’ own mother. Dakota Johnson plays her assistant, Maggie, who went to school for music composition and wants to produce Grace’s next album.

Grace hasn’t had an album in over 10 years and is dealing with typical superstar late-career problems, such as infinite touring for old material and Las Vegas residencies. The trailer seems to allude to themes of real-world issues black female artists face, with Grace telling Maggie, “In the history of music, only five women over 40 have had a number-one hit. And only one of them was black.” The High Note is sure to be a summer indie comedy with a lot of heart, much like Ganatra’s well-received Late Night, that draws on the power of stardom and the trappings of fame.

The film will also star Ice Cube as Grace’s manager, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Zoe Chao, Bill Pullman, Eddie Izzard (yes, that Eddie Izzard) and Diplo (yes, that Diplo). You can check out the trailer below.