The Incredibles 2 Will Hit Theaters a Full Year Earlier Than Originally Announced

Movies News The Incredibles 2
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The Parr family will be returning to our lives sooner than expected, thank goodness. The Incredibles 2 has a new release date, and it’s a full year earlier than when the film was originally due out—turns out when director Brad Bird said the sequel was “very actively moving,” he meant it. Originally slated for June of 2019, The Incredibles 2 will now hit theaters on June 15, 2018.

While this is good news for Pixar fans who were dying for another look at the superhero family, it does come with its own set of sadness. The superhero sequel has taken the release date for Toy Story 4, another Pixar sequel which is now scheduled to be released in June of 2019. Of course, there are many who see Toy Story 4 as an abomination, or at the very least wholly unnecessary, so the push back may not be the worst news in the world.

In the meantime, we’ll get Cars 3, the third installment in a franchise that barely justifies its first installment, and Coco, an original property coming in November 2017.