Rumors: Fox Eyeing Another New Mutants Delay, Possible Hulu Release

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Rumors: Fox Eyeing Another <i>New Mutants</i> Delay, Possible Hulu Release

Even as it moves ahead on finally releasing X-Men: Dark Phoenix this June, Fox is apparently a lot less sure of what to do with its other X-related property, The New Mutants. The film finished filming way back in 2017 with an April, 2018 release date in mind, before it was delayed for the first time to Feb. 22, 2019. It was then pushed back again to Aug. 2 of this year, but now it’s sounding like that date might also fall by the wayside. Rumors are swirling that Fox and director Josh Boone are still arguing over the film’s final cut, and that it could be removed from the release schedule entirely. Scott Bechtel of Merc With a Podcast is reporting that his sources are indicating the possibility of a fall 2019 release on Hulu, rather than a traditional theatrical release.

If true, this might actually turn out to be the best case scenario for The New Mutants, which was always going to be a tougher sell to the rank-and-file superhero crowd, given its horror leanings. One can understand how Boone and Fox might have some differences of opinion in terms of the film’s tone, and a Hulu release might allow for the version of the film that best reflects Boone’s original vision. It’s tough to say, especially given the overarching influence of Disney.

Regardless, The New Mutants stars a stacked cast of young actors, including Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt and Alice Braga. Here’s hoping we see it in some format at some point in 2019, if only so we can say that both Arya and Sansa Stark headlined their own mutant movies this year. Judging from the early trailers, there’s at least some good stuff in here.