The New Red-Band Trailer for The Shape of Water Involves Russians and a Few Severed Fingers

Movies Video The Shape of Water
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The red-band trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water is here, and it features cats, Russians, intrigue and Michael Shannon, covered in blood!

Of course, the real ones out there will note that it contains excruciatingly few romantic shots of Sally Hawkins’ Elisa Esposito with Doug Jones’ amphibious creature. There is one nice image of Hawkins resting her head on the fish man’s chest, but given that this is a red-band trailer allowed to show copious amounts of blood and dialogue like “un-fuck this mess,” you’d think they’d throw us a bone and at least give us one quick teaser of some aquatic boinking.

Similar to the last red-band trailer for the film, we also see Shannon losing it in a bathroom, and Octavia Spencer and Robert Jenkins helping Hawkins’ character along. Frustrations about fish man sex aside, this looks like an exciting, imaginative ride, one we can’t wait to see.

The Shape of Water comes out on Dec. 8.