Clay Blood Is Spilled in This Eerie, Animated LEGO Version of The Shining

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Clay Blood Is Spilled in This Eerie, Animated LEGO Version of <i>The Shining</i>

LEGO has always been known for the dedication and sheer creativity of its fan base, but typically one sees that passion applied toward, shall we say … family friendly properties. Detailed LEGO recreations of Disney movies? That’s par for the course. A lovingly crafted, animated tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, on the other hand, is something else entirely.

The below video comes courtesy of YouTube user kreimkouk, whose channel is dedicated to a variety of other high-quality LEGO reconstructions of various films. This short film version of The Shining, however, goes above and beyond in terms of detail, including a whopping 2,130 static shots, animated at 15 FPS.

Nearly everything is on point in terms of recreating the film, and you really have to appreciate kreimkouk’s attention to detail. Where possible, he’s recreated every aspect of costumes, facial expressions and set dressings, down to the iconic look of Room 237’s bathroom or the powder room where Jack Torrance has his conversation with one Delbert Grady. He’s even tried to make a minimalist version of the Overlook Hotel’s famous carpeting pattern, which has become synonymous with The Shining.

With the film adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel Doctor Sleep on its way, this seems like the ideal time to revisit Kubrick’s film in tribute form. Check out the three-minute LEGO masterpiece below.