There's Someone Inside Your House in the First Trailer for Netflix's Slasher

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<i>There's Someone Inside Your House</i> in the First Trailer for Netflix's Slasher

From the delightfully campy Fear Street trilogy to Nia DaCosta’s revamp of the iconic Candyman, 2021 seems to be the year of the slasher. And hey, maybe we don’t know exactly why that is, but we’re not exactly complaining about it.

The year’s newest addition to the genre is There’s Someone Inside Your House, from Patrick Brice, director of the magnificently unnerving Creep (2014). From what we’ve already seen from Brice, paired with the fact that he’s teaming up with James Wan and Stranger Things’ Shawn Levy as producers, there’s ample reason to be excited for the film right out of the gate.

The first trailer for the Netflix horror movie starts in a peaceful midwestern town that teen Makani Young (Sydney Park) recently moved to. Life there is pleasant and idyllic. And it pretty much stays that way the whole time. Just kidding! Things take a turn for the gory when a mysterious masked killer arrives and starts to wreak havoc on residents, terrorizing high schoolers and forcing them to reveal their darkest secrets to the world. And what is the killer’s mask, you might ask? A replica of his victim’s face. If you feel like that’s an image you can stomach, check out the trailer here:

From the looks of it, this film is going to bring to the table everything that’s so great about slasher films: The creepy masks, the popular kids, and, of course, there being someone inside your house. But it also comes with a fresh new twist, which is always great to see when it comes to such a popular, trope-heavy genre.

There’s Someone Inside Your House hits Netflix on October 3.