Tom Cruise Goes for a Plane Ride in Full-Length Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation Trailer

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It’s been a busy weekend for Ethan Hunt and the members of the IMF. Over the last few days, Paramount has released the official title for the latest Mission: Impossible film alongside a teaser trailer and a few images for good measure. Now the full-length trailer has arrived and it’s an extravaganza of insane stunts pitting the Impossible Missions Force against a worldwide criminal organization known as “The Syndicate,” an anti-IMF or sorts. And with that, all hell will break lose.

Each trailer for a Mission: Impossible movie has highlighted the centerpiece of the flick’s action sequences by teasing a snippet of the scene at the end of the trailer. It’s a given that Tom Cruise will take on some ridiculous task in each film by doing some implausible stunt for an audience reaction. It’s what makes each MI movie worth the wait. We got the airplane tunnel stunt in the first movie. There’s cruise hanging off a cliff on Dead Horse Point, UT in the second. The third film sees him jumping off skyscrapers in Shanghai. And who could ever forget him scaling the Burj Khalifa in Ghost Protocol? Now, without further ado, we introduce Cruise hitching a ride on an airplane from the outside looking in. We’re most impressed by just how poised he looks when hanging on during takeoff.

Rogue Nation looks to be yet another great installment for the series. If nothing else, the stunts will promise an enjoyable trip to the movies. The film is scheduled to hit IMAX and traditional theaters on July 31.