Tom Cruise Is Quintessential Tom Cruise in American Made Trailer

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American Made is a film about one of the CIA’s most incredulous, semi-true stories and looks to combine every Tom Cruise character with the cartel cohorts of Narcos.

The film stars Cruise as Barry Seal, an airline pilot in the 1980s who trafficked drugs for Pablo Escobar before being recruited by the CIA. As you can probably imagine, Seal was assassinated at 46.

Doug Liman will direct, insuring the film avoids being just another Tom Cruise flick and hopefully something more akin to Liman’s previous, thrillingly clever works Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity.

Sarah Wright stars as Seal’s giddy blonde wife, there to feebly question the legality of Seal’s escapades and go along with them just as apathetically. Domhnall Gleeson, Jayma Mays, Jesse Plemons and Lola Kirke all appear in supporting roles.

While still an action film, the movie’s budget isn’t as large as what Cruise is used to on films such as Jack Reacher, Mission: Impossible and The Mummy, which may be a good thing. It’s Cruise’s first adult-oriented drama in nearly a decade.

Liman and Cruise probably aren’t thinking too much about this movie though, as they’re set to start production on the Edge of Tomorrow sequel soon after.

Watch the trailer for American Made above, and catch the film in theaters Sept. 29.