Guy Ritchie's Wrath of Man Drops First Gun-Cocking, Door-Slamming, Car-Speeding Trailer

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Guy Ritchie's <i>Wrath of Man</i> Drops First Gun-Cocking, Door-Slamming, Car-Speeding Trailer

Wrath of Man, Guy Ritchie’s forthcoming action thriller, is set to his theaters on May 7…just in time for Mother’s Day weekend. If your mom loves Jason Statham movies, she’s in for a treat.

He stars as “H”, a cash truck security guard with a mysterious past, impressive marksmen skills and vengeance to gain against the people who murdered his son. In the trailer, Statham strides around shooting anonymous henchmen and miscellaneous bad guys at close range with military-grade weaponry. Wrath of Man’s trailer is a symphony of car doors shutting, guns cocking and burnt rubber skidding across city streets. And just when you think Statham’s shot all the ski-mask wearing hooligans in his range, who’s that? It’s Grammy-nominated rapper Post Malone.

Guy Ritchie is no stranger to well-choreographed, visually engaging action sequences, as evidenced by his work on the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock films. Wrath of Man’s premise, Ritchie’s dual-hatted role as the writer/director and the presence of rising action movie smolderer Scott Eastwood suggests that this summer release will reinforce Ritchie’s eye for action.

Check out the trailer for Guy Ritchie’s Wrath of Man here: