The 20 Best Movie Trailers of 2013

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It can be tough distinguishing between a trailer that’s legitimately exciting and well done versus one with inherent appeal to a segment of the movie-going public, regardless of the trailer’s quality. The trailer for Man of Steel was can’t-miss for the latter reason, though the one on this list (trailer #3) also met the parameters of the former. (No surprise there—Zack Snyder’s a master of the movie trailer.) Still, for whatever reason—and often for a combination of them—some trailers stand out. Here are twenty of the best from 2013.

20. The LEGO® Movie

The first time a movie taps into a particularly large subgroup—here LEGO enthusiasts, ages three to 93—it’s worth noting. No one will dispute this is the best trailer for a full-length LEGO film that’s ever been officially released.

19. Escape from Tomorrow

It’s a creepy world, after all. It’s a creepy, creepy world.

18. The Canyons

Ignore the hype and chatter that surrounded this film and its stars—soak in the Schrader-freudian ambiance.

17. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

A near perfectly tuned trailer, wielding a number of subdued elements—Affleck’s voice foremost among them to great effect.

16.The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

One way or another, Tolkien fans and casual moviegoers alike will find out whether the unavoidable “extra” content in the second film of The Hobbit trilogy yields riches or despair. But with this trailer, it’s still a Schrödinger’s sequel of sorts—of indeterminate quality. So enjoy the trailer and its Smaug voice reveal—you’ll be opening the box itself soon enough.

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