Michael Gross Signs on For Tremors 7, in Horror's Most Immortal Franchise

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Michael Gross Signs on For <i>Tremors 7</i>, in Horror's Most Immortal Franchise

You can be certain that when the Tremors franchise finally kills off Michael Gross, it will have truly reached its end. Of all the long-time, quasi-horror franchises out there, none of them are so dependent upon the popularity and long-running appeal of a single character as Tremors. From its Kevin Bacon-y beginnings in 1990, when he was just a supporting character, to becoming the straw that stirs the drink, Burt Gummer is the heart and soul of anything Tremors related. He’s also the main reason why we gave Tremors a generous position in our ranking of 60 different horror franchises, back in October. Call it the Michael Gross bump.

And so, fans of the series will no doubt be pleased that Gross has announced his participation in yet another installment, Tremors 7. That announcement comes hot on the heels of this year’s Tremors 6: A Cold Day in Hell, in which the graboid-hunting gang (including Jamie Kennedy as Gummer’s son Travis) heads up to the arctic to do battle with a snowy offshoot of the graboid menace. The actor made the announcement to fans via Facebook, with the film presumably arriving in the fall of 2019.

Tremors fans will be delighted to know I have just agreed to the terms of a contract for a SEVENTH film,” Gross wrote on Facebook. “My best estimate is that Burt Gummer will begin his hunt for Graboids and other nefarious forms of wildlife in the fall of 2019.”

We nearly had a full-on Tremors revival in the last year, as a Kevin Bacon-led sequel to the original film was intended to become a TV series, but it ultimately wasn’t picked up after the pilot was filmed. Looks like Tremors will stay in feature film territory, at least for the conceivable future.