See Tom Hardy's Transformation in First Full Venom Trailer

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See Tom Hardy's Transformation in First Full <i>Venom</i> Trailer

After the disappointing first teaser trailer for one of the most anticipated films of the year, finally Sony Pictures has unveiled Tom Hardy’s transformation into the iconic anti-hero, Venom. In today’s full-length trailer, we see Hardy’s Eddie Brock going deep into an investigation about Riz Ahmed’s Dr. Carlton Drake. After confronting him and discovering something horrific, Brock’s transformation begins. In classic Hardy fashion, we see so much going on with the actor internally. His facial expressions alone are huge cues, which helps perpetuate his brilliant talent, yet he only utters the words, “I’m feeling really sick.” We got it, Mr. Hardy.

The trailer debuts the Oscar-nominated actor’s intense transformation into Venom. Previously, Venom only made a live-action appearance in the less-impressive Spider-Man 3. Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman jokingly said at CinemaCon after the release of the trailer, “See, we didn’t actually forget to put in Venom in the movie.”

Jokes aside, this looks like it will be quite an interesting adaptation. Venom also stars Oscar nominee Michelle Williams, who’s coming back after quite a busy year, along with Woody Harrelson, Ahmed, Jenny Slate and Reid Scott. The film opens nationwide on Oct. 5. See the full trailer below and the film’s new poster further down, and revisit the first teaser here.