Venture Bros. Creators Share Updates, First Image From Upcoming Movie

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<i>Venture Bros.</i> Creators Share Updates, First Image From Upcoming Movie

It’s been a long, strange road for Team Venture, but it feels as if the final, super-scientific breakthrough is close at hand. Several years into production, following the cancelation of the would-be finale of season 8 on original network Adult Swim, the feature-length Venture Bros. movie seems to be well into post-production, judging from posts in the last few days by series co-creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. Both have taken to Twitter and Instagram to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Venture Bros. first being picked up as a pilot, and have shared imagery indicating that they’re working on various aspects of editing the film. Cast members, meanwhile, have confirmed that all of their vocal performances have long since been captured. It feels like we might even see The Venture Bros. movie in 2023?

The image above appears to be the first art we’ve seen from the upcoming movie, with the beloved Brock Samson (Patrick Warburton) standing tall as a current leader of OSI, the Office of Secret Intelligence. Publick shared it on Twitter, acknowledging the two decades that the Venture clan has been making strange, obscure jokes and pop culture references. It’s hard to believe that it’s truly been that long.

Publick also recently shared on Instagram that he was working on sound mixing for the movie. Co-creator Doc Hammer, meanwhile, seems to be spending some time in the editing bay, as he posted earlier this week about working on the film’s animated title sequence. Hammer likewise went on to ask fans what kinds of behind-the-scenes features they would want to see in the physical media release of the feature-length film.

It’s good to see the show’s creative minds hard at work on the Venture Bros. animated film, as some fans had cause for alarm earlier in 2022 amidst the slew of HBO Max cancelations—some of properties that were more or less complete, such as Batgirl. Given that The Venture Bros. film is also supposed to be HBO Max content following its home media release, this led some fans to fear that Doc, Brock, Hank and Dean could also end up on the chopping block, but it sounds to us as if things are still moving pretty smoothly. There’s no concrete release date yet for The Venture Bros. movie, but perhaps in the next few months, Publick or Hammer will clue us in to what kind of timeline we can expect. Hopefully, the film (and series) are entering the finishing stretch, ready to close out one of the better animated stories ever told.