Watch the Newest Trailer for The Purge: Election Year

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“Keep America great” urges text in the second trailer for The Purge: Election Year. Sound familiar?

The third installment of The Purge franchise follows the story of Charlene Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), a senator running for president under the platform of ending the annual Purge. Obviously, there are some sadistic old government geezers who don’t like her stance and make it their goal to take her down during the 12-hour free-for-all.

The trailer begins with an cheesy, patriotic promotional ad in which smiling, beautiful people proudly declare, “I purged.” We’re clearly going to get some more of that signature Purge dark humor in Election Year. “The senator is going to win, and she’s going to make real changes,” says a hopeful man after watching Roan give a speech on how “the Purge must end.” The video quickly cuts to the familiar truth of the Purge: blood-soaked citizens swinging axes like drunken vikings. As a final punch, “I purged to keep my country great,” an elderly man reiterates at the end of the the end of the trailer.

With the talk of “keeping” America great all over the this trailer— and the first it makes one wonder… Who are they saying made it great? The movie is sure to step on a few political toes amidst our real life election year. We’ll find out the extent of the federal jabs on July 1, when The Purge: Election Year hit theaters.